My time in Oaxaca by Zack Morrisphoto_029

Over the summer of 2008, I spent the larger part of the month of June in Oaxaca, Mexico. The first ten days was with a large group and the rest of the month with a small group of interns and Brad and Becca. During this month, we cleaned roads, dug a well, and played a lot of soccer and basketball with the kids we witnessed to. There were English classes for the kids and I picked up Spanish from simply living in Oaxaca. Aside from all of this, I came to know God better than I could have imagined. I find it easier to talk to and obey God after being in Mexico and am truly glad that I decided to intern there. I’ve been able to help friends in a new city at college with spiritual issues, and I’ve also been able to grow closer to the Lord after better understanding what His call is for me. I am grateful that God called me to Oaxaca to stay with Brad and Becca and for Peter and Teresa’s help during the stay.