Short Term Teams

Steps to do before you come to Mexico.

1. Secure Dates

The quicker we can nail down a date the better. It also helps the potential team members request time off from work and other responsibilities.photo_033

2. Passports

Secure a Passport for Everyone Who is Considering Joining the Team. As of January 1, 2007 Everyone is Required to have a passport to return to the U.S. It usually takes at least 6 Weeks. Although there are ways to speed up the process. Follow this link for more details on the process. You will need a passport as of 2008. Get one hereĀ

3. Appoint a Team Leader

This doesn’t have to be a staff member of the Church. We have had very successful teams in the past who have been led by full-time working families. This person will be in charge of organizing, recruiting, and staying in contact with the Missionaries.

4. Hold Meetings

These meetings are for prayer and to answer any questions that the potential members may have.

5. Identify The Team Members and Their Talents

As the team begins to take shape, It is good to identify each team members special abilities for example:
Medical Professionals
Works well with children
Gift of Intersession
This will enable us to utilize the team to it utmost ability

6. Identify the Mission and Desired Project the Team will Be Involved In

There are a number of different projects the team can be involved in
Well Drilling
Medical/Dental/Optometric Clinics
School Ministry via Dramas, Sex Ed, and Teaching English
Prayer Walks
Community Development

If You Get This Far We Should Be Well On Our Way to Working Together

8. Download the Word Document for Teams

Download the Team Pack Word Document here.