Library News

We administer a Spanish Christian lending library with an evergrowing number of books and DVDs. The other day a young man arrived bringing back two books on evangelism. I asked him how the books had impacted him. He said they’d prompted him to continue his prison ministry and a ministry to the mentally challenged. Talk about making my day!

Prayer Update – Dental Team

We humbly ask for your intercessory prayers during our dental outreach that’s from March 12-19. We personally need them as Teresa’s recovering from a sinus infection and I’ve been under a mental attack from the enemy.
The team needs your prayers for a harvest of souls and signs and wonders- in other words we’re asking for an open heaven!!!! (For security reasons we don’t publish the names of the villages we’ll be working in; but if you email me I’ll give them to you.)
Thank you so much for praying for us as we go into battle. You’ll be “holding up our hands.”

We’ve been back in Oaxaca for almost three weeks!! You all know how good it is to get back to your own bed and your “routine.” Did I mention how good our food is here? It’s not just good, it’s awesome. Right now the weather’s very dry; but pleasant! It’s in the 50s at night and 80s during the day.

For several years we’ve been blessed to host a dental team from New York City. They are our “ice breakers” to get the Good News into areas with few or no Christians. The team of 14 will be with us from March 12-19. Would you commit to praying for us as we’ll be ministering in three unreached villages of Oaxaca? Thanks so much!

For those who have not heard,
Peter & Teresa

Prayer Update

Dear Friends,

Thanks for praying for us. Here’s the latest:
1. Teresa’s knee continues to slowly heal. Please keep praying.
2. I just got back from “scouting trip” with our team of Antonio and Miguel. We found two more unreached Zapotec villages-between both villages there’s only ONE family of Christians. We plan on scouting out some more villages soon. Please continue to pray we’ll have wisdom as to where to focus our efforts.
3. In one town where we work, Pastor Roberto visits twice a week for Bible studies. However, the home they meet in is about a mile out of town and very inconvenient. There’s a good chance a non-Christian city official is going to rent us his home that’s in the center of town. Please pray this will work out.
4. This weekend optometry student Joanne Albert is attending the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists convention. She’s going to promote missions trips to Oaxaca for us. Please pray this will result in our hosting five optometry teams per year.

Thanks so much for standing with us in prayers. The Harvest is ripe; but the laborers are few. Pray!

We love you,


New Library Members!

A mother and her two children visited the library for the first time. The mother couldn’t say enough nice things about the library nor could she say “thank you” enough times to us.


About a week ago I, Peter, got to shoot some half court hoops. I hadn’t played in a long time. It was fun; but my team lost 4 out of 5 games. Guess I need to play more often.

Chinese Food in Oaxaca??

It may sound strange; but suddendly Oaxaca has about 10 Chinese restuants. We’ve enjoyed testing them out. They are owned usually by sons and daughters of Chinese people who migrated here many years ago. Come down on a trip and we’ll take you out. One team said it was the best Chinese they have ever had!

Prayer Update

photo_66Hello Praying Saints,

Teresa and I are so thankful that ya’ll “have our backs” in prayer. Here are some prayer requests that we’d like you to cover:

1. Weeks ago Teresa sprained her right knee and it’s slowly getting better; but still not nearly 100% yet. She’s having trouble climbing stairs and driving.

2. This fall we plan on investigating new unreached areas for ministry. Pray the Lord will give us wisdom as to where to go.

3. Pray the Lord will provide at least 10 short term mission teams for next year. This year several teams canceled because of Mexico’s violence. We don’t want that to happen again in 2011.

4. Pray for peace in the entire country of Mexico. We’re blessed that Oaxaca has not experienced much violence.

Thanks again for praying for us. We’re so glad you’re on our team.

Mega blessings from Oaxaca, Peter & Teresa